Float Yoga- All Levels

EVERY Monday @ 6:30pM• 75 MINUTES

Its all about balance, the ebb and flow and relaxing into the work. This class is designed for EVERYBODY no matter what skill level. Expect to learn the fundamentals of doing yoga on the water, with modifications to suit you and your body. This class has elements of strengthening, stretching and light balancing while experiencing the beauty of being in nature. 


Soft + Sweet- Restorative

EVERY Second Thursday @ 6:30pM• 75 MINUTES

There is magic in the water, magic in sunset, magic in the full experience of letting go of stress and tension from our lives to BE. Expect to relax, bring awareness to breath and feel your worries melt away. This class is about softening and finding the sweetness, expect a combination of longer holds and easeful movements with a guided meditation. 


Let Go + Flow -Active

EVERY other Thursday @ 6:30 pM • 75 MINUTES

Let go, let it flow- learn all the wonderful things that you are capable of in a light hearted practice. This class is designed for ALL to experience and enjoy. Created to move in levels so that you will always have a place to practice that feels good for you. Move with breath and free yourself from worries. 


Wild + Free -Active

EVERY Sunday @1:00pm 75 Minutes

Freedom and fun, challenge your body in a new way, wake up muscles, learn new fun ways to move. This class is a combination of Yoga and Pilates on the water, designed to build inner strength and cultivate balance. This class is all about making waves. 


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