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A Trauma Informed Teacher Training- 2020 Dates Coming Soon!

Inner Light is an educational platform designed to hold space for all those in need to re connect back in with their own light.

We believe each person is important and valuable- we endeavour to provide the tools for yoga teachers, healers and those in the field to hold space for their fellow humans in a way that is non harming, non judgemental and compassionate.

Online training available- please contact for more information

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Module 1

27 hour course

  • What is Trauma and Stress

  • What is Fight/ Flight/ Freeze and its effects on the body and mind

  • Trauma Anatomy and Neuroscience

  • Ethics and Consent

  • Asana/ Physical Postures from various modalities

    Investment for Module $550

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Module 2

27 hour course

  • Boundaries and Holding Space

  • Pranayama and Breathwork

  • Smart and effective sequencing

  • Hands on Assists and Consensual Touch

  • Asana/ Physical Postures from various modalities

Investment for Module $550

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Module 3

27 hour course

  • Difference between intuition and beliefs

  • Story and emotional charge in both teacher and student and how to navigate

  • Mindfulness

  • Self Care Practices

  • Supporting others

Investment for Module $550

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Module 4

27 hour course

  • Integrating the teachings into your classes

  • Cultivating Compassion and Non-judgement

  • Theory on Teaching and dynamics

  • Meditation techniques from many traditions

Investment for Module $550

This training is designed to encompass healing, learning and participation. We encourage that you commit to showing up fully to receive the most amount of benefits from your experience.

Advanced Yoga Training; 108 hours

Full Training Investment : $1850

Training held in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We believe in accessibility; payment plans with deposit available.

Please note: Deposit is non-refundable, remaining investment refundable up to 30 days before training date.

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Our names are Ash Bourgeois and Richelle Ready, we are so pumped to have you to take interest in our training, Inner Light Yoga. This training was founded on the belief that we are all light and at times we need some help connecting to it. We believe that yoga is the most beautiful space holder to connect to light. Trauma is a thing we all go through or have experienced on various spectrums and through yoga we can begin to heal. This training is designed not only for you but also for your future students and clients as it equips you with the tools you need to hold space and provide a safe space for all.

Ash has been teaching yoga for close to 10 years with a background in many traditions and styles. It was through her work in addictions that she developed a passion for yoga as a practice for every single human with everyone has the right to heal. It is our job to root in compassion and hold space for one another.

Richelle teaches yoga from a trauma-informed and healing-centred engagement perspective. It was through her work as a social worker that she developed a passion for yoga as a practice for healing, connection, and self-compassion. It is our job to root into understanding and create space for resiliency.

We believe in accessibility for all, reach out with any questions or curiosities.