At Wild Path we explore;

PLAY; moving ourselves in new and fun ways, flowing with nature and water, challenging our bodies through wind and waves, adventuring outside our comfort zones.

Connection; we leave our phones on shore, disconnecting fully from the hustle and bustle to connect back with ourselves, we recharge, relax, restore and renew, allowing nature to help us recharge and the gentle sway of the water to rejuvenate us.

Growth; we want you to always have a good experience and practice, our classes are designed that you can choose if you want to make your practice more easeful and restorative or if you want to make it challenging and perhaps splashy!

SUP Yoga is an opportunity to bring us back to ourselves, to disconnect from the hustle, reduce stress and tension through connecting back to nature, taking the time to float and let it all float away.

We are so thankful to have you here and cannot wait to have you join us on the water.


Rebalance your body



Movement on the water is something to experience. There is the benefits of nature and unplugging from our day to day to breathe in fresh air, relax and gain a new perspective and presence that we can bring forward to our daily lives. The movements are integrative and designed to support your body in day to day living through strength work, yoga and meditation we wake up new muscles, strengthen  our bodies and expand our minds.


There is magic in the water, magic in sunset, magic in the full experience of letting go of stress and tension from our lives to BE. Expect to relax, bring awareness to breath and feel your worries melt away. This class is about softening and finding the sweetness, expect a combination of longer holds and easeful movements with a guided meditation. ALL LEVELS, ALL BODIES, ALL HUMANS, RELAXING- walk away feeling, soft and at ease.


Let go, let it flow- learn all the wonderful things that you are capable of in a light hearted practice. This class is designed for ALL to experience and enjoy. Created to move in levels so that you will always have a place to practice that feels good for you. Move with breath and free yourself from worries and explore what feels good for your body. ALL LEVELS, ALL BODIES, ALL HUMANS, MOVE AND RELAX


Freedom and fun, challenge your body in a new way, wake up muscles, learn new fun ways to move. This class is a combination of Yoga and Pilates on the water, designed to build inner strength and cultivate balance. This class is all about making waves. ALL LEVELS, ALL BODIES, ALL HUMANS, STRENGTHEN


Flow with the Moon, Glow with the moon, this sweet practice is something we only get to experience during the full moon. Come flow with the water, enjoy the moonlight and sweet ease of sunset and glow your yoga. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ATTENDING OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED CLASSES


Private Classes/ Events

Looking for something fun and different for a birthday, celebration or simply to spend time on the water? We offer custom build private SUP Yoga classes, we can come to you and will cater the practice to whatever you and your guests need!



All of our classes take place at the Field Station at Fort Whyte Alive, pre-registration is integral so we can email you directions!

Let Stress Melt away